Mid-Autumn Festival Show

Welcome to the Mid-Autumn Festival Show, a unique puppet show experience that combines entertainment, tradition, and cultural storytelling unforgettably. This is not just any mid-autumn show but a spectacle that will thrill your family audience and create lasting memories.

The Mid-Autumn Festival Show is designed to celebrate the mid-autumn festival, a significant event in Chinese culture that honors the moon and harvest. The show features a lively batch of puppet characters, each embodying the spirit and themes of the mid-autumn festival.

Get ready for an incredible 25-minute performance that guarantees fun and laughter, bringing to life the warmth and joy of this special occasion.

Puppet Rabbit

The Jade Rabbit

Leading the cast is the Jade Rabbit, a character right out of traditional Chinese folklore.

Hailing from the Moon, the Jade Rabbit brings a touch of celestial charm to the show. He shares fascinating tales about his life on the moon, his intriguing relationship with the moon goddess Chang'e, and the adventurous story of how he ended up on the moon.

With every story, the Jade Rabbit weaves a magical narrative that captivates the audience, making them feel as if they are truly a part of the moonlit world he calls home.

Puppet Nonya

Auntie Aw

Meet Auntie Aw, a 75-year-old lady who carries a rich Nonya heritage. With her vast wisdom and lively spirit, Auntie Aw brings a whole new perspective to the show.

She firmly believes in the importance of the Mid-Autumn Festival and loves sharing her views with the audience. As a custodian of tradition, she narrates the story behind the festival, transporting the audience back to the roots of this beautiful celebration.

To add an interactive twist to the show, Auntie Aw challenges the audience with some "Lantern Festival Questions," testing their knowledge about the festival and fostering a sense of community involvement.

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us! Whether you’re hosting a community event, a school celebration, or a private gathering, our Mid-Autumn Festival Show is a perfect fit.

It’s more than just a puppet show; it’s an immersion into the enchanting world of mid-autumn celebration.

So why wait? Contact Explorer Joe today, and let us make your Mid-Autumn Festival celebration memorable. Let’s celebrate, share stories, and create new memories under the glow of the full moon together.