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Christmas Puppet Show

It’s time for Christmas with this unique Christmas puppet show! Explorer Joe is going to celebrate Christmas with his Christmas puppet characters! If you are looking for a unique show that will thrill your audience, this is the show!

Explorer Joe puppet show is highly interactive, it feature Christmas themed puppets that will excite both the children and even the adults.

The Christmas Puppet Show will feature:

LV the Elf

Christmas is here! LV the Elf is busy again! He complains about working long hours for Santa Claus and wants to be the Santa himself! Can he do so?

Jon Snow the Snowman

He is Jon Snow. And he is not Aegon Targaryen. Jon Snow is a snowman that hates warm country, always looking for air-con. He talks about his solid state of being himself and be careful… he sneezes a lot!

Santa Claus

When it comes to Christmas, Santa Claus is the reason for the party! In this Christmas show, Santa Claus sends his greetings and will meet the children of all ages. He will also give away Christmas presents to the kids and finally sings a Christmas song for everyone!

It’s a definite must-have for any Christmas show!