Harry The Horse

Harry is a fun-loving horse who loves to jump and run around. He has a hard time convincing himself that he is a horse, not a donkey! This fun and wacky horse loves to interact with the people that he meets!

Hungry The Vulture

His name is Hungry. Really, his name is Hungry. That’s because he is always HUNGRY! On top of that, he doesn’t look happy, oblivious to his surrounding and he doesn’t really care.

King Leo

Here comes King Leo! King Leo is a puppet king and he is looking for a brave knight, and a beautiful princess to be his queen. Who will become his knight or queen?

S.T. The Sea Turtle

S.T. stands for Sea Turtle. Yes, that’s his name. Hailed from the far away land of Australia, he is 150 years old. In addition, he has many friends in Hollywood, do you know them?

Ding Dong

The descendant of King Kong, we have Ding Dong! Ding Dong is an unsound guy and loves to play. He will never stop moving, even when sitting down. He loves making funny faces which will bring laughs everywhere!

“Hot” Dog

He is a dog, and he’s “Hot”! “Hot” think that he is hot but he didn’t realize that it means to be a “hot” dog. He loves humans and he is loyal to his owner who take of him since young.

The Eggman

Is he an egg? Or a potato? His name is Eggman, but he thinks he is a potato. It’s hard to find out his real self in the show but he is a lot of fun when he doesn’t even know who he is!