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Customized Shows For Your Events

If you need a showtime that is themed to the event, or you need a show to bring out important messages, you should consider the Explorer Joe show! As an Explorer, he can easily theme the show where he seeks to “explore” new frontier and brings out the important messages through the exploration.

Explorer Joe has performed over 1000+ customized shows in various locations like shopping malls, pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary and more.

Here are some of the shows that are available:

Emergency Preparedness Show

The Emergency Preparedness Show is a unique show that covers many important messages on what to do during an emergency. Fred the Fireman is the star of the show and he conveys many important messages including:

  • Do not play with fire
  • Call 995
  • Stop! Drop! Roll!
  • Fire Drill
  • Lighting Danger
  • And more…

The Emergency Preparedness show is the perfect show for any community events that runs their EP day.

Fight Dengue! Show

To fight Dengue, one must know the enemy. That’s why in this show, Aide the Mosquito becomes the public enemy star of the show! Find out what Aide loves to do and what he hates.

In this show, the audience will learn the 5 Step Mozzie Wipeout (which Aide hates!) and they also learn more about the color code in the information banners.

Racial Harmony Day Show

Racial harmony is one of the the anchors for Singapore society and we celebrate Racial Harmony Day every year in July. In this Racial Harmony show, Auntie Aw (a Peranakan Nonya) will be the star of the show as she explains the turbulence times in 1964 and the importance of maintaining racial harmony.

Christmas Day Show

When it comes to Christmas, Santa Claus is the reason for the party! In this Christmas show, Santa Claus will bring along his Elf and will meet the children. He will also give away Christmas presents to the kids and finally sings a Christmas song for everyone! It’s a definite must have show for any Christmas event!

Halloween Show

Looking for something that is spooky and fun? The Halloween show will be a perfect show for you! In this show, D’Evil the demon will greet everyone and welcome them to “hell”. Together with his Skeleton minion, they will bring in the fun for this Halloween show!

Environment Show

Save the world today! Featuring in the show is Brainy The Amazon Bird where he shares about the shrinking rain forest in Amazon and how it can affect the world that we live in. With his host of animal friends, Brainy encourages everyone to save electricity, water and make an effort to practice the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Need A Customized Show For Your Event?

Contact Explorer Joe today and discuss how he can customize a show for your event!